Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Water Wash

Life teaches a lesson always but not in the same manner.. 

When i was in Bangalore, there was a neighbour boy..studying middle school std ..  his father passed away and mom is a daily labour.. the boy supposed to go for some little jobs like  news paper delivery each morning,distribute advertisement applet,water wash vehicles  during the holidays..etc.. he usually came to my  colleague's house at weekends for car water wash..

 One sunday he came for car wash...i thought...how could a small boy clean the car as a single..so,i move forward to help him but he kindly refuse..

i stay back and feel pity about his position..but he started his work ..clip the  one end of tube with tap other end with the water spray gun..and sing a song..i surprised about his charm,his enthusiasm..he thoroughly enjoy while he spray the water towards the car..he imagine that, he is in the battle field and shooting the enemies i think.. 1st round he cleaned up with mixture of cleaning solutions,2nd by water, 3 rd cleaning seats with the help of vacuum cleaner  ...by the way he continues his singing but different songs in different modulation.. finally mission of washing accomplished..

what i could see in the last 35-40 minutes a real drama is....?? how could the boy  take the life that much easy ...like his aged boys are playing cricket , enjoying weekends.. ..he standing for the job..but he truly happy about what he doing..i can realize that.. its notta compulsion for him to work..a full option for  refusing is  upto him..but he didnt....the attitude with politeness..the maturity level...always having smiley face too..

 may be he is so young but we can learn the quality from him right???...

there is no protocols for learning..

finally my colleague paid him a decent fee and offered him a green tea....
the boy accept the fee with smile but not a tea(may be the tea was pitty untasty)cheer up!!!!!

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